At vom Haus Ledda, we try to breed to the BEST....and, at the same time, take into consideration what each individual female needs. We look beyond our own breeding program to identify the best of the best. We seek superior dogs worldwide to strengthen our breeding program and bloodlines.

When a dog earns very high credentials in the working/breeding world, we feel he has earned respect and deserves recognition and that he should be sought after for breeding. Some of the dogs we feel have earned this respect...and which have been included in our breeding program follow.

Vom Haus Ledda foundation breeding stock includes:

V-Ingo vom Windachquell, SchH3, FH, TDX, CDX, KKL1a Lbz.

Ingo was a successful competitor in the 1986 SV-Bundessiegerprüfung and was 5th at the 1987 USA SchH3 National Championships. Ingo was successful competitor in World Championship in St. Galen, Switzerland in 1987 and had the highest score in protection of any of the dogs which passed all three categories on the USA team.

Happy von der bösen Nachbarschaft, SchH3, FH, IPO3, KKL1a Lbz.

Happy holds a number of North American records, including the highest score in any World Championship from 1984-1989; the first 100 points earned in tracking; and the first overall "V" and "V" in protection. Happy was successful competitor in two World Championships - Hasselt, Belgium in 1983 and Padova, Italy in 1984. Happy's sister Hexe was the German Herding Siegerin in the 1980's.

V-Freude vom Kriegerhaus, SchH3, FH, CDX, TDX, KKL2a Lbz

We began our saga of schutzhund sport and breeding German Shepherd Dogs with Freude vom Kriegerhaus. I titled Freude through all of her titles. Freude was a magnificent female, who in 1983 became our first female to produce vom Haus Ledda puppies. She whelped many puppies for a guide dog agency. One of Freude's male offspring accompanied the guide student instructors to "take their tests" -- apparently, because he made the students look so good!

Baby Sammie with adoring mom Freude

Owned, trained, and handled by Rita, V-Freude vom Kriegerhaus, SchH3, FH, CDX, TDX, KKL2a Lbz placed second in the 1984 North American FH Championships and she was also the first "V" rated dog in North America in the working class females after the SV began recognizing conformation ratings in North America. Her brother was a three time competitor of the World Championships.

Jurga von Birkland, SchH3, KKL2a Lbz.

Jurga was the breeding female of Frank Mensing, President of the German Shepherd Schutzhund Clubs of Canada at the time. She was raised, trained, and titled by Frank. Matriarch Jurga was the second female to be bred and produce vom Haus Ledda dogs.

Hobby vom Gletschertopf
V - Hobby vom Gletschertopf SchH 3, FH, KKL-1 Life

V-22 Siegershow Germany. All littermates SchH 3 and 'a' normal. Superb progeny group.

Introducing yet more superior dogs included in our breeding program over the years. You will find their credentials remarkable, and their bloodlines recognized around the world for accomplishment and success.

V - Harro aus der Lechrainstadt, SchH 3,FH, IPO 3 KKL-1. Many times successful competitor in Bundesseiger Prufung
V - Cliff vom Huhnegrab, Sch 3, FH, IPO 3 KKL-1. FIVE times successful competitor in Bundesseiger Prufung. Highest place was 2nd. Also high *V* in Siegerhauptzuchtschau.
V - Manto von der Lengernheide, SchH 3, FH, IPO 3 KKL-1. Successful competitor in World Championship, 5th Place DVG Championship, *V* in Siegerhauptzuchtschau.
Happy von der boesen Nachbarschaft, SchH 3, IPO 3, FH. Two times successful competior in World Championship. 9th Place in 1984.
V - Ingo vom Windachquell, SchH 3, FH, TDX, CDX KKL-1. Successful competitor in Bundesseiger Prufung and World Championship. 5th Place USA Nationals 1996.
VA - Illo vom Bergmanshoff, SchH 3, FH KKL-1. First Sieger in America at USA Siegershow in 1990.
Buck von der Pfaltz, SchH 3, FH, IPO 3 KKL-1. Two times USA SchH 3 National Champion. Winner North American SchH 3. Second place in World Championship. Many many many times V in SchH 3.
V - Vedor vom Fourniermuhlenbach, SchH 3, FH KKL-1. Vice Sieger in USA Siegershow in Salt Lake City, Utah.
V - Zank vom Trienzbachtal, SchH 3, FH KKL-1. Many times V in show in America. Hungarian Sieger.
VA - Lasso vom Neun Berg, SchH 3, FH KKL-1. Sieger in Germany. Sieger in America. World Sieger.
V - Hobby vom Gletschertopf SchH 3, FH, KKL-1 Life. V-22 Siegershow Germany. All littermates SchH 3 and 'a' normal. Superb progeny group.
V - Wiso vom Landhaus Stephan SchH 3, FH Kkl1'a'. Nineteen times SchH 3 and 1999 WDA Universal Sieger.