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 2011 Puppies available soon

Nicka von der Dornburg, SchH 3, FH 2, KKL 1, CGC, TI, CDX, UD
 'a' normal hips and elbows

Nicka von der DornburgNicka
Bred January 22, 2011

Puppies due mid-March 2011
NickaNicka Nicka comes from a background of German Shepherd Dogs who were all great family dogs and in National and International competitions. Nicka has a superb temperament with people and animals. She is smart, loving, guidable, and very very adaptable and a great ambassador of the German Shepherd breed. Five times SchH 3 before 4 years of age.
SchH 2 Vice Champion German Shepherd Dog Club of America Working Dog Sport Inaugural Championship - Colorado - 2007
USCA SchH 3 Regional Championship - Phoenix, Arizona - 2008
USCA FH 2 Champion Regional Championship - Dallas, Texas - 2008
SchH 3 Vice Champion German Shepherd Dog Club of America Working Dog Sport Inaugural Championship - Beaumont, Texas - 2008
Canine Good Citizen - 2009 Therapy Dog International - 2009 AKC CDX - 2009 AKC Utility Dog - 2010
Certified for AKC Tracking Dog Title Tests - 2011
USCA Northwest Regional Championship FH 2 Third Place - 2011

Shocks vom dunklen Zwinger, SchH 3, KKL 1
'a' normal hips and elbows


Shocks vom Dunklen ZwingerShocks

Shocks was imported into USA from Germany and comes from a well respected kennel in West Germany.

Shocks V’d SchH 1 SchH 2 and SchH 3 !

USCA National Championship 2010 successful competitor and V score in obedience and protection.

Owned by Joel Monroe, Regional Training Director, USCA Northwest Region.

Contact Rita Ledda via email ritaledda -at- cs.com  

Sire: VA Eiko vom Haus Hazelda SchH3 /b>

Dam: V - Xuma (aka Xumi) vom Haus Ledda, SchH 1, TD, KKL-1 Life

Coming in January 2007 ! Beautiful structure and outstanding temperament from proven parents.
Contact Virgina Warden for further information or to make a reservation for a wonderful puppy.
Please call (650) 851-0383 or (650) 670-0538.Click here to read more about 'Xumi'

Anderl 'Jack' vom Haus Ledda SchH2 Kkl2 OFA

sire of the N and O litter von der Dornburg

Isa von der Kinzigau SchH3 Kkl1'a' lbz.

Puppies arrived on June 9th, 2005

NEWS! Nicka von der Dornburg and Rita Ledda earned their BH title under SV Judge Jorg Silkenath on 12/16/06 at the OG North Texas Schutzhund Club.

Anschi von den Horloffwiesen SchH3 Kkl2'a' lbz.

Puppies arrived on October 1st, 2005

News! Orion von der Dornburg is currently training in Germany for his schutzhund titles and is doing a wonderful job.

Click here for puppy pedigree and pictures

Click here forpuppy pedigree and pictures

VA Superioues Zathan, BHP3, KKL1

Zathan is one of the best VA Rikkor von Bad-Boll sons He was bred in Sweden by Annetth Lindskog. Zathan is a beautiful male with a balance of excellent working abilities, great character, correct structure, intense color and strong bone. Zathan was judged excellent select first place at the North American Siegershow in North Carolina in 2004 - by SV Conformation Judge and Koermeister, Herr Erich Orschler. Zathan far outshined all the competition behind him. Herr Orschler was very impressed with Zathan's temperament, structure and movement - and he commented that Zathan is the perfect medium size.

Per the former German Shepherd Dog Club of Germany President, Herr Peter Messeler, Superioue's Zathan is an absolutely outstanding German Shepherd Dog male with a clear head, excellent work ethic and beautiful structure and movement. He is good for improving pigment and overall type of the German Shepherd Dog.

With this cross of Xumi and Zathan we hope to produce puppies with wonderful temperament, sound and beautiful structure - and pups that can fit into any home and pups that grow into dogs that may accommodate any need which may arise.

Click here for the puppies' pedigree

Click here for the puppies' pictures


V - Xuma (aka Xumi) vom Haus Ledda, SchH 1, TD, KKL-1 Life

Xumi has a wonderful disposition and a free and outgoing temperament with people, children and other animals. She is a superb family companion, as well as an excellent protector of her family and home.

Per Herr Jauquim Dux, SV Conformation Judge and Koermeister, Xumi is large, dry and firm, with excellent expression, strong head, long and well positioned croup. Xumi moves correctly in the front and has excellent rear angulation. She has a well developed chest and a free and far reaching gait. Xumi has sureness of character and is pronounced in her drives. She does out.

Xumi's sister, VA - Xodus (aka Xie) vom Haus Ledda, SchH 3, went excellent select in the USA Siegershow in St. Joseph, Missouri in 2002. All of Xumi's brothers and sisters have good hips and elbows. Xumi's sire and all of his brothers and sisters had *a normal* hips. Below are pictures of Xumi's family.

VA - Xodus (aka Xie) vom Haus Ledda, SchH 3 (Xumi's sister)

CHEROKEE & CORA pups born on May 7th 2004 - all reserved.

V - Cherokee von den Wölfen SchH3, KKl - 1

Cherokee is a very handsome dark sable male who is very social and with excellent temperament and drives for work.

He is owned and will be handled in the upcoming trial season in Germany by SV Working Dog Judge, Peter Jacobs.

With this combination of Cora and Cherokee,we hope to produce puppies that will meet any need - be it that of loving lifelong companion - competition, obedience, agility or schutzhund dog, police dog, guide dog, therapy dog, etc.

The German Shepherd is a very versatile breed and it is our goal to breed dogs that enhance that description. We believe and hope that our Cora/Cherokee pups will do just that.


SG - Cora beim Steinrussel SchH3, FH2, KKl - 2

Many breeders and German Shepherd Dog devotees believe that the Mother of a litter influences the outcome of the puppies temperament by 75%. If this is true, one could not have a more stable and wonderful temperament to influence pups. Nor could they find a female with higher overall drive for anything asked of her....than Cora beim Steinrussel.

Cora was one of the youngest dogs in the 2003 Nationals and North American SchH 3 and FH Championships. She competed successfully at both. Recently she received her FH 2 title.....and even more recently she won the South Central Region FH Championship. You may read more about Cora on our website under the caption *Adrian and Cora.*
Click here for the puppies' pictures!

TARZAN & BIXIE pups born on September 2nd - all reserved.

Tarzan vom Tiekerhook SchH1, KKl1

Tarzan is a son of the famous Yoschy von der Döllenwiese SchH3, KKl1. He is a very dark black and brown German Shepherd Dog with pronounced masculinity. He is balanced in his personality and drives, in that he is both social and friendly but also protective when the need arises. Tarzan has superb energy and willingness to work and is producing pups that are not only wonderful family companions but are also outstanding on the schutzhund field as well as other areas of utilitarian work for which the German Shepherd Dog was originally intended.

In combining the bloodlines and personalities of Bixie and Tarzan, we hope to produce dogs that will fit into any situation - be it loving family pet and companion or schutzhund sport dog - and dogs that will fit whatever need arises.

Bixie's pups

from previous litters

Sirk de Zennevallei SchH3, IPO3, KKL1 for life, OFA Good.

Father of the pups pictured above, Sirk is a black and brown Troll von der Bosen Nachbarschaft son. He is a highly competitive dog with a lot of drive and a great desire to please.

Sirk qualified and competed in both the 1998 and 1999 WUSV World Championships. Sirk received a standing ovation at the 1998 WUSV Championship in Boston in the obedience phase for an outstanding obedience performance.

Bicca vom Freizeitfresser SchH3, CDX (a.k.a. Bixie)

Bixie (Bicca) is a dark sable female with superb temperament, high energy and high drives.

Bixie has a *zest for life* as referred to by Max von Stephanitz and is a totally utilitarian dog. Bixie has never met a person nor another animal she did not like. Bixie's brother is a police dog in Minnesota. Pups from Bixie's last litters are in family homes, guide dog homes, search and rescue homes, agility homes, competitive obedience homes, schutzhund homes, and everyone is very very pleased with their Bixie pups.

Bixie's lineage boasts the famous 'I' litter Lindenhalle as well as the 'E' litter Windachquell.  From the progeny of the 'E' litter Windachquell have come impressive numbers of competitive working dogs in the Bundesseiger Prufung and The World Championships including Bixie's grandfather V - Ingo vom Windachquell, SchH 3, IPO 2, FH, CDX, TDX.

Ingo was a successful World Championship competitor with Rita in St. Galen, Switzerland, in 1987. They had the highest protection score of any North American team that passed all phases. Bixie's grandmother Dixie was the highest placing V born in America in the first Siegershow in America.

Bixie's great grandfathers were Happy von der Boesen Nachbarschaft and Mink vom Haus Witfield.  Happy and Rita successfully competed in two World Championships.  They placed 9th in the World in Padova, Italy, and held the high score from North America from 1984 to 1990.


Bixie in the daffodils

ZATHAN & ZOE pups born on July 8th - all reserved.

SG Una (alias 'Zoe') vom Haus Ledda, SchH 1, KKl2

Zoe is a large and beautiful black and tan German Shepherd, slightly over the standard for size, according to the SV. Zoe has a very nice energy level, loves people and loves to interact with them. On Zoe's side of the family tree is her sire, VA Zank vom Trienzbachtal, SchH 3, VA Illo vom Bergmanshoff, SchH 3 and Happy von der Boesen Nachbarschaft., SchH 3, FH. Also Jurga vom Birkland, SchH 3, V Dixie vom Haus Ledda, SchH 3, FH, TDX, CDX and V Montana vom Haus Ledda, SchH 3, FH, CDX

The B litter: (URSUS & ZOE)

V Ursus von der Burg Hausbrunn, SchH 3, KKl1

Ursus is a very large black and brown/red male with 'stallionlike'
appearance, beautiful expression, temperament and drive for work. Ursus' side of the family goes to V Hobby vom Gletschertopf who is thought by many to be one of Germany's best producer of good hips and working drives. His pedigree also boasts many wonderful excellent select dogs. Ursus pedigree can be viewed at www.theishof.com

At vom Haus Ledda we breed and train German Shepherds as a hobby and as a labor of love for the breed. Our goal is for our puppies to mature into excellent family pets, companions, SAR dogs, top schutzhund dogs, therapy dogs, police service dogs, guide dogs....or anything for which there is a need. The German Shepherd Dog is the most versatile dog in the world, and it is our goal to keep it that way.

Kelsey (Jack) puppy

Dam Ufa with her "Y" litter pups
The Y litter puppies have all been reserved by select homes. Please contact us to inquire about future litters.

The vom Haus Ledda "Y" litter represents the best of working temperament and showlines conformational beauty.

Sire: WDA Universal Sieger V - Wiso vom Landhaus Stephan, nineteen times SchH3.

Dam: V-Ufa von Fidelius, SchH 3, CD, CGC, KKL-1 Life

WDA Universal Sieger Wiso is the sire of the Y litter continuing the vom Haus Ledda goal for beautiful, structurally sound, and stable tempered German Shepherd Dogs. Please visit our Breeding Foundation Page for additional information about Wiso.

Our Pedigrees Page features additional information about Ufa, outstanding dam of the vom Haus Ledda "Y" litter.

Sire: WDA Universal Sieger V - Wiso vom Landhaus Stephan, nineteen times SchH3.

Pascha vom Haus Ledda, now 6 years old, is SchH 3, IPO 3, FH, CD and 2nd Place in the North American FH Championship 1999.
Baby puppy Pascha, who always brings smiles to the faces of all who know him.

The most versatile creature in the world.
Please contact us if you wish to discuss your future German Shepherd to be your personal companion... or to fit whatever need arises.